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Friday, February 24, 2006

Falstaff Invitational

This weekend i'm headin' off to deal 'em up with a ton of Blogging Brethren in the Queen City. It's just north of Brokeback Mountain. OK, I won't do that again, last time I swear. Enough with the Brokeback jokes already! They just keep coming and coming. Those jokes are so gay.

I am really looking forward to playing at Falstaff's invitational tourney. It promises to be a blast.

Since the BBSOP on New Years Day, I have only played poker once at Otis' house, and it was socially fun, but otherwise uneventful. As such, I just have'nt had anything to say. I have been feeling a little down on the poker thing in general lately. I don't play enough to get better. I don't have enough funding to play at a level that I feel will help me grow at poker. The local game, or "medium game" as BadBlood calls it, has grown a little out of my current budget. I mean, I could afford to play it, but with my bankroll against the competition I would be facing, I would be scared money. And that's no way to play.

And so I haven't blogged. I apologize. I guess I should at least try to write something, even if I have little to say. The words will generally begin to flow eventually. I'm just not a "writer" like so many of the good and prolific bloggers out there. I do, however, have strong opinions about things on occasion. Oh, and I'm trying out the "Performancing" plugin to Firefox to blog this, on the advice of Maudie. We'll see. So far, I like the interface.

The recent good news is, I've booked a flight and a room in Vegas in late April. It's a work thing, but I think I'll find some time to play poker. Hopefully I'll get some work done too. ; )


At 12:41 AM GMT-5, Blogger Easycure said...

Way to post!

At 10:03 PM GMT-5, Blogger TripJax said...

Good gaming on Saturday...and very good wine drinkin'. Just wondering where you ended up finishing...


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