Poker and Liquor

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Back in the Game

Excalibur wasn’t the only place I played. By my last day there, I had figured out the bus system. I had been told before that Downtown Vegas was no big deal, and wasn’t really worth the cab fare. I figured, however, that it was definitely worth bus fare to check it out, so I headed off to the Freemont Street Experience. I quickly found Binions Horseshoe Casino, and sidled into the poker room.

What games are available? NLHE and 2-4 Limit. I’m still gun shy, so I pick the 2-4. This was an interesting table, with 2 dikey lesbians playing, and old timer local, an old skinny black guy, his retarded friend, and a new local bald guy, who says he walked there from Vermont. The walked-here-from-Vermont story was told believably, but I have played poker many times with a world renowned Nougat Farmer with perfect hair.

Vermont quickly assessed retarded guy as a target. Who didn’t? Mentally handicapped guy at the table? Yeah, he’s my target too. His black buddy is shaking his head, saying “Idiot shouldn’t be here. He has no grasp of this game. No grasp at all.” Thanks buddy.

I’m out of a hand, and my cell rings, so I step away from the table. Say a couple of words, and the dealer looks at me because it’s my small blind. I say “I’m in, post me.” as I say goodbye to TheWife and quickly grab my seat. Idiot raises, Old Guy calls, Young Dike calls, Black Buddy calls, and Vermont raises when I look down to see pocket Aces. I raise. Old Dike folds. Idiot calls. Old Guy calls. Black Buddy calls, and Vermont caps the bet because that’s his MO when Idiot is still in the hand. Calls around. That’s 6 people still in a capped pot preflop with me holding aces.

Flop is 8 high, rainbow. I bet, Idiot raises, Old Guy calls, and we lose the rest. I reraise and Idiot goes, but Old Guy is still there. Turn is a J, and I check-raise. River is a 6, bet, call. Old Guy turns over 64s for two pair, cracking my aces. 64? Capped preflop, and he played 64 to the river? I hate 2-4 Limit.

The point of this bad beat story isn’t to bemoan my loss, it is to say that I got up tilty and walked away for a bit. While I was gone, I realized that I had $600 in my pocket, it was my last day in Vegas, and if I’d been playing No-Limit, I could’ve pushed Old Guy off the pot and won that one. So I rebought to about $150, and sat down at the 1/2NLHE table. I only had about 45 minutes left, before I had to head back to the strip.

I chipped up quickly at the NL table with a couple of semi-bluffs, a better kicker with the ace, and a set of Kings. I made a Japanese guy rebuy with the nut flush, which felt good. Then I flopped a full house 10’s over 8’s, only to see queens on both the turn and river give my opponent a higher full house Q’s over 10’s. With that loss, I cashed out only $20 up, but it was good to get back to No-Limit.

I am back in my comfort zone and no longer gun shy. I really do prefer No-Limit. It just suits my style of play so much better. Problem is, it doesn’t always suit my bankroll very well. The swings are much more drastic, and you need some Franklin’s on the bench.

Friday, April 28, 2006


I played poker every night I was in Vegas. I had work to do in the daytime, but for 3 or 4 hours every night, I sat down and played poker. Limit poker.

On my last trip to Vegas in December, I lost a $100 buy-in twice at 1/2 NLHE within 10 minutes of sitting down. I only had $700 to start with, so $200 was a hefty chunk. It made me a little gun shy of NLHE.

So this trip, I played Limit hold'em at the Excalibur. I played the 2/4 Limit, and the 2-6 Spread Limit. I suck at poker. At least I suck badly at 2/4 and 2-6 Limit. I just bleed away my chips. I usually do OK though, at the 1-3 spread game. So this was my pattern, and it happened each night: Sit down at 2-6, chip up slightly, then bleed away 1/2 my stack. Move to 2-4 Limit, bleed away 1/2 of what is left. Move to 1-3 limit, make back most of my buy in, and cash out for a $10 loss. One night I was down $180 before the move to 1-3 and cashed out for a $45 loss, for an OK comeback, but still a loss.

I just have a problem with those games. I can't get the knack of them. I also NEVER get cards at those tables for some reason. Of course not getting cards doesn't stop me at the 1-3. There, I'm in my comfort zone, and play the table. I have fun with some hands with blind raises (they wouldn't let me live straddle at 1-3) or garbage hands. Then I tighten up for a few hands and look for a payoff. If I don't get one, I loosen up again. The payoff comes. I keep the table guessing, and feel like I'm in control of the pace.

I don't have any specific hands to speak of at the Excal, they were generally unremakable. I only got the hammer once the whole time, and I played it hard to the river. Of course, it was way behind the whole way and lost.

If I counted in all my tips, I'm close to even, or slightly up. If I count in free drinks and entertainment, I'm way up. I'm not upset with my play, but I'm not real happy about it either.

Why the hell is 1-3 so different from 2/4 or 2-6 for me??

More later . . . .

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I'm back from Vegas. NAB was a little slow this year, there weren't many new things since last year. I played a few hours of poker each night. Since I was staying at the Excalibur, and I like the poker room there, that is where I played.

I found the intarweb once while out there, and noticed that Dr, Pauly was in town covering a WPT event. I gave him a call, and we talked, but we never got the chance to hook up out there and play some poker. I also managed to not sit at a table with Otit either. I knew people in Vegas, but couldn't seem to meet with them to play some poker. I was feeling a little discouraged. I checked my armpits and breath for odor.


I knew Jimmy in the high school days. He didn't go to my school, he didn't actually go to school at all. Jimmy had already graduated, but was hanging out with a degenerate bunch of high school students while he waited for life to happen. Jimmy was a raucous addition to my small clique of artsy-type freinds.

One time, I broke up with a girl, and was very depressed. Jimmy saved me. We drank a bottle of cheap gin together and climbed an old water tower in the middle of the night. Jimmy was therapeudic.

Whenever there was the slightest opportunity or excuse, Jimmy dropped trou and would streak or go skinny dipping or just sit there naked for no apparent reason. Jimmy drank like a fish. Jimmy did plenty of drugs. Jimmy slept with plenty of girls. Jimmy was my friend.

But time marches onward, and people come in and out of your life. I've seen Jimmy occasionally through the years. He's been working in the downtown resturaunt scene, waiting tables. Like me, Jimmy's gained a few pounds, and his hair has a little gray. It's been 3 years since the last time I bumped into him.


Monday night, after a LONG day of walking concrete floors at the crowded convention center, talking to salesmen and engineers, and trying to score cheesy promotional items, The Wife and I slowly headed back to the Excalibur. After a quick stop at the room to drop off stuff, we walked over to the Luxor, then Mandalay Bay, where we stopped and ate a fantastic buffet. We played a few penny slots (to get free beverage), made a sports bet for a friend, watched a band for a few songs, then headed back to the Excal.

"You know Honey. I think I'll play just a little bit of poker."

"Don't stay up too late."

And so I head to the poker room. I had let Otit and Dr Pauly know I had been playing there, and thought I'd scan the room for anyone I knew. According to Pauly, Grubby had been there the night before, and I never saw him. So I look through the room and see a somewhat overweight guy with a ponytail and goatee that resembles Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons.

"Damn that guy looks like Jimmy. It couldn't be Jimmy, lots of guys look like Comic Book Guy." Then I see it. The Cheap Trick T-shirt. The instant I saw the Cheap Trick shirt, I knew it was Jimmy.

Jimmy was going to Anahiem to see Cheap Trick. He flew to Vegas because the flight was cheaper, and rented a car to drive to Anahiem. He decided to spend around three hours playing poker, before continuing his journey, and picked the Excalibur. That's right, I tried to hook up with Otit and Pauly for three days, but couldn't, and managed to accidentally hook up with an old high school buddy who was only there for three hours.

I should've put $500 on #19.

OK he is my kid!

And better than I!

CC from Quest of a closet poker player emailed me last week for permission to ask the Wolverine some questions for his series on the effects of poker on children. A great subject and he has a few posts over the past week and more to come.

Get out of the closet and check out CC!

OK he is my kid and this is probably not the last post about him.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Quest of the BadBlood Birthday Bounty

We were into the BadBlood birthday poker tourney about 2 minutes when table Two announced a $40 no $60 no make it $70 bounty on whoever takes out the birthday boy. All of G-Vegas finest was there ( teamscoot in Vegas and G-rob late for the cash game) to celebrate the occasion. 11 player 2 tables. The Wolverine had his first suckout with Randy. It was KK vs JJ and caught the set on the turn, that's all he needed to get his stack rolling.

those who were there: Mr and Mrs Blood, the Mark, Mrs all in, the Axeman, Otis, Frank the Tank, the wolverine, the Gladman, Randy, and Myself.

Final three BadBlood, Otis and the Wolverine. I am in the cash game in the other room and I kept hearing "all in". The wolverine first takes down the bounty money and then Otis. The kid strikes again, congrats little one.

Thanks MrsBlood for hosting. She actually made the cake to look like a stack of Bloods new chips. Soco was present 1oo proof. Chips and salsa. Dial-a- shot to TeamScott. A lot of fun, Happy Birthday Bad Blood.

Useless info:
Speaking of proof, did you know "proof" started in the British naval yards on Jamaica. The percentage of Alcohol was measured by pouring it over a small amount of gunpowder and lit on fire. If the Rum was not strong enough it would fizzle out. If it was strong enough a blue flame would burn and explode. This was very literally "proof" of the rums strength. To explode, it would have to be 50% alcohol or 100 proof.

"An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools"- Ernest Hemingway

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Another Donkey goes to Vegas

My flight leaves in 2 1/2 hours. Wish me luck. The Winter Classic last year kicked my ass, and I'm hoping for a little retribution.

I'm going out there for a work related conference. NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) is one of the biggest technology shows around. It is similar to the huge CES (Consumer Electronics Show) , that most of you have heard of, but replacing the "Consumer" with "Professional/Broadcaster." I'm currently working on a nature show, and we are thinking of going HighDef. We need cameras. It's a TV Geek paradise, and I will be busy.

But not too busy to play at least a little poker. Sleep? What's sleep? I also hope to see Otit out there, as he is accompanying his wife to a different convention. We'll try to hookup and play some poker at the MGM or Excal.

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Kid, and The Tea Party

Parents should be proud of their children. I am! I have three. 7 - 17 - and 18. Only one of them plays poker and Otis has been kind enough to add to his works (about "kids playing poker" ) his thoughts of my sons poker play over the last few years. (since he was 14).
He has won a number of the G-Vegas tournaments including his first tourney (he was accepted to) at Mt.Otis to several at The Mark and the New Years BadBlood tourney that had 15 of G-Vegas finest to include G-Rob, Otis and CJ. Not to mention that he (the Wolverine), myself, my wife (msjackhammer) and TeamScottSmith all made it to the final table at Bradoween 05, hell we had 40% of the table. If you want to read some of Otis fine works check it out but you probably read it just to find this site.
I just hope it doesn't take too long to get the Mini-Blood old enough to play!! He will be one good poker player. I see it in his eyes already. Greed!


On the Liquor side of this sight, from time to time I may post a little of what I have read about alcohol consumption. You never know what you may find.

The Boston Tea Party

According to historians to protest oppressive British taxation, a party of men rowed out into Boston Harbor dressed as Indians. They intended to board a ship carrying British products and dump its contents overboard. They did so. But what seems to have gotten lost in history is the fact that there were two British ships in the harbor that day, and they boarded both.
The first ship carried the tea. The tea went into the harbor. The second ship carried hard cider. The hard cidar did not go into the harbor. The raiding party decided to lodge its protest in a less dramatic, but equally patriotic manner-- they took the cider home and drank it.

daily Quote: " wine makes daily living, less hurried, with fewer tension and more tolerance" Benjamin Franklin

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Roosters in the Upstate of SC

Joaquin the Rooster has many roosters on his blog. Everyone knows that South Carolina is the home of the Gamecock.
In the upstate of SC things change just a bit so I thought I would share what the Rooster looks like in my backyard. See what cloning can turn out like, you should see my kids, they call one the Wolverine

Off to BadBloods!!Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It's true . . .

I am Poker Champ. Tourists.

My First WSOP Satellite

Thanks to Iggy we all had a chance to make some history and congratulations to the winners from Monday's WSOP satellite, Lucko21 and myradiohead. It was a great to be able to play poker with such fine people, some I have met and some I will meet in the future and some I will never have a chance to know.
For those who don't know me online, I am zeppstr. I started out ok, early on(after 2nd hand) I was in 2nd place. The structure was so that you could last for awhile, 5000 chips to start 30 min blinds. I have never started with that many chips. I did fine for the first couple of hours, I won one hand with the Hammer. I think I actually stole the blinds.

I ended up in 49th, kind of sad but you must look at the competition. Last hand I was UTG with pocket 6s and hit my set on the flop K610 -?- 10. Thought I might try and slowplay with StB. The problem was I was behind the entire hand to his pocket K's (I put him on big slick) so my little boat 6"s over 10"s was dominated by his battleship K's over 10s. Did I say I suck at poker?

Brother TeamScottSmith did a lot better. In fact 33 better he represented G-Vegas best with a # 16 finish, other notables with G-Vegas connections: MrsAllin 80th (see her site) CJ 24th and brother Lefty 22nd.

All in all a fine long night of poker with fun by all. I know I sucked out on someone and if it was you, thanks for the chips.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

A new team member with TeamScottSmith

A new addition to Poker and Liquor.

A new addition to G-Vegas.

A new Donkey on the block.

I always wanted to join the blogging community and have now teamed up with TeamScottSmith. Some of you know me as a true poker Donkey. Some know me as Tiltstein, eightball, linebacker or just TeamScott's brother. I prefer to just be called Shep.

I am not a great composer of words like Otis or the strategy player like Badblood or the person with a large head of hair known as G-Rob nor do I have the luck of CJ but I love to play poker.
I went with all the bloggers to Vegas in December and met a few of them and had a great time.
I was playing at the lower limit tables most of the time that I wasn't a railbird wishing I had more cash. I had a great time meeting all the great blogger friends that I didn't meet at Bradoween last summer.

I hope to add a little Poker and Liquor essence to this blog and look forward to reading more of your blogs in the future

Soon I will post a little knowledge on the liquor side of this blog, just call it ALCOHOLICA ESOTERICA. Topics like: The largest cocktail party ever ( not Bradoween), God and the Bottle
or how about the DWI that roused a nation ( about Paul Revere's famous ride).
Keep in touch.

G-Vegas rules


New Team Team Member

Obviously I don't post enough. Here to help me with that problem is my brother Shep. He's a G-Vegas home game regular, and occasional Brad-O-Ween pimp. He plays poker successfully with the likes of GRob, Badblood, and Otis, so he knows a little about poker. He's a Smith, so he knows a little about liquor too. Will my one reader please welcome him to the Blogging world. Wait, he is my one reader.