Poker and Liquor

Monday, February 27, 2006

Drunken Poker at Falstaff's (AKA: A Clueless Post)

I hear rumours that I may have been intoxicated at Falstaff's Invitational poker tourney. It's Monday, and I still feel a bit hungover, so I believe the rumours might be true. I still made it to third place in a field of 25 or so. Why do I play better drunk? Why do I have to get obnoxious drunk? Why hadn't I eaten any food that day? Why was there a bottle of Patron at the poker table? Damn you Patron!

I had too much of a blast, obviously. Apologies, from the obnoxious drunk guy.

I am bad with details when completely sober, but I did like that Falstaff had us set up as 4 tables of 8 or so, instead of 3 tables of 9 or 10. We maintained the lower seatage throughout, and I liked it. Less people per table, and a slow starting blind structure, made for more action without the crapshoot factor. Falstaff was hit hard by the curse of the host, and was the first one out. He didn't make it to the first blind change. He was at another table, so he'll have to fill you in to what was his undoing.

I had some pretty good cards at the final table, being dealt pocket Quad Kings once. Or maybe it was just a pair. I saw a lot of paint when we were down to 3 to 5 people, but I wasn't the only one. Right at the end, it seemed that everyone was getting good cards, and the pots were huge. I am ill equipped to relate any real factual details, so let's just say I had a blast, and stumbled my way to 3rd place. I believe I was still making the correct plays, but my ability to count chips was seriously hampered. My brother scooped me out of there when the tourney was over, so I didn't play the cash games at all. It's a good thing.

Thanks Falstaff for a fun time. Next time, keep the Patron away from me.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Falstaff Invitational

This weekend i'm headin' off to deal 'em up with a ton of Blogging Brethren in the Queen City. It's just north of Brokeback Mountain. OK, I won't do that again, last time I swear. Enough with the Brokeback jokes already! They just keep coming and coming. Those jokes are so gay.

I am really looking forward to playing at Falstaff's invitational tourney. It promises to be a blast.

Since the BBSOP on New Years Day, I have only played poker once at Otis' house, and it was socially fun, but otherwise uneventful. As such, I just have'nt had anything to say. I have been feeling a little down on the poker thing in general lately. I don't play enough to get better. I don't have enough funding to play at a level that I feel will help me grow at poker. The local game, or "medium game" as BadBlood calls it, has grown a little out of my current budget. I mean, I could afford to play it, but with my bankroll against the competition I would be facing, I would be scared money. And that's no way to play.

And so I haven't blogged. I apologize. I guess I should at least try to write something, even if I have little to say. The words will generally begin to flow eventually. I'm just not a "writer" like so many of the good and prolific bloggers out there. I do, however, have strong opinions about things on occasion. Oh, and I'm trying out the "Performancing" plugin to Firefox to blog this, on the advice of Maudie. We'll see. So far, I like the interface.

The recent good news is, I've booked a flight and a room in Vegas in late April. It's a work thing, but I think I'll find some time to play poker. Hopefully I'll get some work done too. ; )