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Monday, November 21, 2005

Shootout in the Desert 3

I absolutely sucked in the Shootout in the Desert this Sunday.  Or at least my cards did.  I got AJs twice, came in for a raise, was reraised, called, and saw horrible flops.  Big post flop raises put me out.  I lost a few limps with hands like KJ and QTs when I realized to NEVER EVEN TRY TO LIMP in a WPBT event.  Raise or fold.  And if you raise, you better have something and raise a hefty amount.

Then I got to see The Hilton Sisters in EP and raised 4XBB with two callers.  Flop is ragged with two diamonds.  I bet about 2/3 pot and got a caller and a minimum reraise from either Gracie or FactGirl (I can’t remember).  I put them on an Ace high diamond flush draw.  Here’s where I decided not to push, but call.  Mistake?  The other caller (I think it may have been BadBlood) got out. The turn is, of course, another diamond and I check.  Female reraiser pushes all in and I have no choice but to lay them down.  There goes over half my stack.

My only winning hand of the night comes soon, when it is folded around to me on the big blind. Woo hoo.  That one ruled. I won a small blind.

Eventually, with a low stack and escalating blinds, I push all in with Pocket Tens and am outdrawn by Big Slick in a pitiful 26th place.  The only saving grace was that G-Rob was out before me.

Maybe next time.  Congrats to a dominating Royal and FactGirl.


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