Poker and Liquor

Sunday, November 20, 2005


I’m ready to play in the WPBT Shootout in the Desert today, but otherwise have nothing of value to say about poker.

Which leaves me with Liquor.

We have a new store nearby named “Total Wine”. As they were building it, I thought how upscale/pretentious this store must be. I mean, I love wine, but those serious wine people are just a little much.

Well, 1). I was being a little snotty myself,
and B). This store is GREAT,
and 4th). It’s not just wine.

This is a fantastic Liquor, Beer, Wine, and more store. They give you a catalog with all the prices in it when you walk in the door. The prices and selection are about the best in town.

So what did I buy on my first trip to Total Wine, the store I assumed was snotty and pretentious, and over priced?? I bought a delicious bottle of Francis Ford Copolla’s Pinot Noir. Oh my god, that was a good wine.

Which brings me back to poker. I have found that beer is a little slow, liquor a little strong, and wine works about right for helping my poker game. It adds a little “Liquid Courage” to help with weak-tightedness, while not fucking me up so bad that I become King of the Donkeys.

For those of you who drink while playing poker, what is your beverage of choice??


At 8:48 AM GMT-5, Anonymous shep said...

can you say Bud?

At 7:04 PM GMT-5, Anonymous kat hawthorne said...

kat likes white russians otherwise known as a doooooog!!!!

At 4:05 PM GMT-5, Blogger Falstaff said...

I don't drink a lot while playing poker online - prefer beer while playing live, and like all the Coppola reds that I've tried, so good call on the Pinot.

I'll be in Vegas, I think Bill had me listed twice for some reason. See you there!

At 10:58 AM GMT-5, Anonymous porncritic said...

gin & tonic--glows blue under a black light, & supposedly encourages erections!

At 11:03 AM GMT-5, Blogger roqq said...

robotussin & ruby port, which I share with my brace of half-starved rottweillers as we lsiten to old Alice in Chains tunes in my basement....


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