Poker and Liquor

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Less Poker . . . More Liquor

So the next big trendy drink to sweep the restaurant industry is going to be, or already is, the Mojito. This is a drink made for me. Plenty strong with Rum, loaded with mint, not too sweet, with club soda's effervescence. It is a versatile drink, capable of handling various flavors and modifications. I haven't tried it yet, but I am imagining a Mojito with Pear Sake in it. The Mojito, I believe, has no rival as a mowing-the-grass beverage. Extremely refreshing!

If you didn't realize it by now, I love the Mojito.

3 oz Light Rum
Juice of 1 lime
5 fresh mint sprigs
2 tsp. sugar or simple syrup
Club Soda

Dissolve Sugar or simple syrup into lime juice and mint leaves. Mix well to crush mint flavor into lime/sugar. Add ice, rum, and top with club soda. Modify to your hearts content. Lower the sugar and add SoCo, I don't care. Might be great.

Another good thing with this beverage is that it makes a good drink for those watching their sugar intake, as you can easily use Splenda or Equal to make it. For many drinks out there, this is almost impossible. The wife has diabetes on one side of her family and hypoglycemia on the other . . . so she has sugar issues. Other than straight liquor, or Rum and Diet Coke, there are few choices.

So the Mojito is my current drink of choice.


Here's my current Ice Cream Flavor: Ben & Jerry's Black & Tan

That's right, Guinness fueled ice cream ready for the likes of myself and Iggy. Try a pint and a pint for a Guinness Float. I always loved the creaminess of stout, glad to Ben & Jerry capitalizing on it.


I drank a very small amount on my recent canoe trip. I mean, eighteen guys around a campfire with as much alcohol as they could afford, I drank a small amount. By the way, Goldschlager and Red Bull is tasty.

And I busted the hell out of my knee when Shep tipped over the canoe , and threw me on a rock (I'll continue to place full blame on him, deserved or not). It needed stitches, but I was 4 hours from the take out point, 1 1/2 more hours from my wallet and dry clothes, then a good hour and a half to the nearest hospital. By then, stitches would probably be too late. So, I had a couple shots of tequila, a couple shots of Jagermeister, and a couple of Newcastle, and kept on falling out of the canoe, until we got back to the camp so I could grab a butterfly, band-aid, and begin drinking in earnest.

Today I found myself at the doctor for a tetanus and some antibiotics.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I order another beer and Blood has more martini. This makes me laugh. What makes a man switch to martinis? I mean, if you're some douchebag suit and you have to impress the minions...that's one thing. But when a turbine counter gets all fancy, that's just odd.

Not much time to post, Shep and I are heading out on a canoe trip to the Smoke Hole area in West Virginia, but I thought I'd quickly comment on some accusations G-Rob was making towards the Martini.

First off, Vodka Martinis are NOT Martinis. Martinis are made with Gin. That said, whatever drink you call it when you fuck up a martini with vodka, well they're pretty good too. However, since Vodka is a mostly flavorless liquor, we'll have to add one Ghey point.

Blood prefers the Grey Goose variety of Vodkatini. They Ghey Goose is sooo smooth, it has no bite, no kick, no . . . character. Add one Gay Goose Point.

Bloods recent post was entitled "Shaken, not Stirred", and I have this to say on that matter: When you stir a Martini, you get the drink cold. When you shake a Martini, you break up all the edges off the ice into the drink. This gets it cold, but it also waters it down a bit. Watered down Martini?? That's right, add 1 more Geigh Point.

Blood gets Two Geigh Points for sharing with his buddy, Clot. That's just queer.

Beer is never gay. Well, a Peach Lambic is, but most beers aren't. On the other hand, a martini is generally a very strong, non gay drink. G-Rob should not be dissing the Martini. The only problem is, James Bond and BadBlood queer them up a bit.

Nuff said.