Poker and Liquor

Friday, June 22, 2007

Heading West

I'm heading out west tomorrow with a short stop in Vegas. During my one night stay in Vegas, I'll be staying at Wild Wild West, because everything was ridiculously expensive for a one night (Saturday night) stay during the World Series of Poker. Excalibur was $265. $265 for Excalibur. Unreal. I felt lucky to get a room under $100 at all. It's not like I plan on sleeping much, if at all. I mainly need a place to throw my stuff, while I go lose a little money playing poker.

The trip is really about Death Valley, Bristle Cone Pines, and Joshua Tree National Park. I'm gonna be in the desert, and I'm gonna be in the mountains. I'm not sure if I should be more concerned about 125 Deg F. in desert in Death Valley, or the 14,000 foot elevation on White Mountain. I am psyched about seeing Methuselah, the oldest living thing on the planet at 4839 years old.

Trip report will follow.