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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Vegas or Bust!!! How about both.

It's impossible to communicate how much fun I had losing my bankroll. It was a small bankroll anyway, which was part of the reason it was so easy to lose. Note to self: Find a way to bring more cash next time, or never, ever play No Limit in Vegas with a tiny bankroll.

I had a couple of bad beats at the tables that I may mention later, but the trip was definately +EV. I think I even learned a few things about my poker game. I certainly learned to wait for another home game to play G-Rob. There's just no point in going all the way to Vegas to lose money to him. BTW, you're a bastard G-Rob. I always think you are bluffing when you aren't, and I fold to you when you are.

The walk over to storm the castle was a mission of the utmost importance. I had a blast, but I really wish I'd have had a little more cash, so I could've played a little longer there. I have never been so card dead as when we stormed the castle. I played for four hours with only two pocket pairs--both of which were dominated, and lost me money. Most of my hands were 73, 94, 82, 63, 42, 32, and, of course, one of my best hands of the evening, 96o. I never even got the hammer. I changed tables three times in an effort to change my luck, to no avail. I was soooooooo card dead. Regardless, it would've been nice to sit at the TV table with Wil. I signed up for 2-6 again after a break, but didn't get placed there.

All the bloggers were fun to hang with. Those that I hung with (outside the GVegas crew) most memorably were probablyIggy, EasyCure and wife, STB, Poker Princess, April, and Tanya. Tanya and I got pretty drunk right before the Tournament. I think this contributed to her Gigli Award winning performance. She was fun. The highlight of drinking with Tanya was making a Dial-A-Shot call with AlCantHang while everyone was signing up. Al is in the building, and we are still Dial-A-Shotting with him. Oh, and tipping her (in her cleavage) after she busted out first and started waiting tables.

Iggy. Iggy. Iggy. That is one fucking cool ass dwarf. What more can be expressed in words. Seriously. I think I have a man crush. Who doesn't?? Iggy is just that fucking cool.

Runnig so poorly, I railbirded a bit with easycure and wife. They were very nice, and easy to talk with.

I see this trip report is going to become one of those stream of conscience rambling posts, so I'll cut it short now and pick it up again later. Just suffice it to say, I couldn't have had a better time losing all my money.


At 4:23 PM GMT-5, Blogger Gamecock said...

Dude, dude. . .dude.

At 7:26 PM GMT-5, Anonymous Randy said...

I have told Blood several times that I really enjoyed your Blog comments and I wished you had a Blog.

At 10:06 PM GMT-5, Blogger Falstaff said...

Teamscott, seems like cleavage was the word of the day for you. Sweet starfish... Can't wait til I can get down to G-Vegas to see you boys again.

At 11:46 PM GMT-5, Blogger TeamScottSmith said...

Yeah, that starfish glittered cleavage was definately putting me on tilt.

At 12:55 AM GMT-5, Anonymous Cissy (Mrs. Easycure) said...

It was fun railbirding with you, and laughing about the showers at the IP. *LMAO* You're a fun guy, and it was great meeting and visiting with you.

At 12:12 PM GMT-5, Blogger StB said...

Great meeting you. I hope Shep is going crazy from the Donkey song.

At 10:53 PM GMT-5, Blogger Ignatious said...

aww man, you embarass me.

had a blast hanging with you and shep.

gvegas rules.

At 10:54 AM GMT-5, Anonymous twomenout said...

obvious tip: find the fish--sushi is the key....


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