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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Back in the Game

Excalibur wasn’t the only place I played. By my last day there, I had figured out the bus system. I had been told before that Downtown Vegas was no big deal, and wasn’t really worth the cab fare. I figured, however, that it was definitely worth bus fare to check it out, so I headed off to the Freemont Street Experience. I quickly found Binions Horseshoe Casino, and sidled into the poker room.

What games are available? NLHE and 2-4 Limit. I’m still gun shy, so I pick the 2-4. This was an interesting table, with 2 dikey lesbians playing, and old timer local, an old skinny black guy, his retarded friend, and a new local bald guy, who says he walked there from Vermont. The walked-here-from-Vermont story was told believably, but I have played poker many times with a world renowned Nougat Farmer with perfect hair.

Vermont quickly assessed retarded guy as a target. Who didn’t? Mentally handicapped guy at the table? Yeah, he’s my target too. His black buddy is shaking his head, saying “Idiot shouldn’t be here. He has no grasp of this game. No grasp at all.” Thanks buddy.

I’m out of a hand, and my cell rings, so I step away from the table. Say a couple of words, and the dealer looks at me because it’s my small blind. I say “I’m in, post me.” as I say goodbye to TheWife and quickly grab my seat. Idiot raises, Old Guy calls, Young Dike calls, Black Buddy calls, and Vermont raises when I look down to see pocket Aces. I raise. Old Dike folds. Idiot calls. Old Guy calls. Black Buddy calls, and Vermont caps the bet because that’s his MO when Idiot is still in the hand. Calls around. That’s 6 people still in a capped pot preflop with me holding aces.

Flop is 8 high, rainbow. I bet, Idiot raises, Old Guy calls, and we lose the rest. I reraise and Idiot goes, but Old Guy is still there. Turn is a J, and I check-raise. River is a 6, bet, call. Old Guy turns over 64s for two pair, cracking my aces. 64? Capped preflop, and he played 64 to the river? I hate 2-4 Limit.

The point of this bad beat story isn’t to bemoan my loss, it is to say that I got up tilty and walked away for a bit. While I was gone, I realized that I had $600 in my pocket, it was my last day in Vegas, and if I’d been playing No-Limit, I could’ve pushed Old Guy off the pot and won that one. So I rebought to about $150, and sat down at the 1/2NLHE table. I only had about 45 minutes left, before I had to head back to the strip.

I chipped up quickly at the NL table with a couple of semi-bluffs, a better kicker with the ace, and a set of Kings. I made a Japanese guy rebuy with the nut flush, which felt good. Then I flopped a full house 10’s over 8’s, only to see queens on both the turn and river give my opponent a higher full house Q’s over 10’s. With that loss, I cashed out only $20 up, but it was good to get back to No-Limit.

I am back in my comfort zone and no longer gun shy. I really do prefer No-Limit. It just suits my style of play so much better. Problem is, it doesn’t always suit my bankroll very well. The swings are much more drastic, and you need some Franklin’s on the bench.


At 10:16 PM GMT-5, Blogger cc said...

I hit the Horseshoe before Harrah's bought, sitting at the $10/20 table right under the WSOP Main Event winners' photos. I was scared to death to play that high, but I was able to feebly hold my own before the game broke. It's slid a good bit obviously, but even playing $4/8 there was always pretty neat. So many rooms now, so little time...Hope you made it back OK.

At 2:55 PM GMT-5, Blogger Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

Why shit...I just had me some whiskey and I thought...this is why I love, they keep it real. How can you go to Vegas and not play at Binions...fucken pretty boy tourist want to try and play Bellagio...pfft...I shit on that place. Play where it all started...shit, you have never really watched a baseball game until you've been in Yankee Stadium...nuff said. Congrats on keeping it real, boys.

At 3:31 PM GMT-5, Blogger TeamScottSmith said...

Rooster, I love you man.

At 11:55 AM GMT-5, Anonymous Poker Game said...

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