Poker and Liquor

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Just checking the local news in G'vegas and reading about a local playa with "TheNuts" on his license plate and a 200+ year old law. How will it all unfold? Good luck to "themark"!

Here is a link from the local paper that tells of the 200+ year old law and the guns drawn with this bust. poker bust
go down to Greer Judge hears poker players

I also plan on going to "the LEAF" festival with Otis, and Uncle Ted, G-rob and I think CJ will be there. TeamScottSmith is a wimp and has too much to do(bs). The leaf is from Oct 19 to 22nd.
I guess I will leave my chips and table at home, I hear the G-rob is not playing in October.

Double up!