Poker and Liquor

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Retired Poker Players

Some of you know I am an Executive Chef at an upscale retirement community. We are planning an activity for next month and it happens to be casino night. Well we only have and hour and a half to serve heavy hors d ouvers and gamble. Its hard to set up a casino and figure the structure for the different tables for such a short time. It's all play money anyway but should be fun for our members. Let me know what you think:

approximately 80 to 100 people
each to have $500 in chips
4 tables of 5 card draw
4 tables of Blackjack
we have one roulette table
one craps table if I can find someone to run it
I would have a Texas Hold-em NL table if these older people new what it was and how to play it
I plan to set up a $25 a card BINGO section ( we all know they know how to play that) so I can get more people involved.

I thought I would have 2 of the poker and 2 of the blackjack tables set up for High Limit Tables so I can get some action started. Remember they don't have much time and the person that ends up with the most chips doesn't get much.

Does anyone have any opinions or suggestions that might help me out?

that's all I have on poker. Now I can show a couple of more pictures from my vacation.

thats all folks

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Not much poker on vacation

Sorry I am so slack with the poker material. I have been on a much needed vacation to Florida. 16 wonderful days from the Atlantic coast at Amelia Island to Mexico beech on the gulf. Some business, mostly pleasure with my family. A great place for a vacation.

I shall share a few pictures with you

Some of Sheppard's Flock

Just a Lonely Cloud at Amelia Island Plantation

To the secluded Gulf coast at Mexico Beach.

The wolverine joined us there with his girlfriend for great food, some fishing, relaxing in the sun, flying the kite, more fishing, boating and best of all was watching the sunset every night.

My little Zoe

In one day we saw a water spout and a rainbow.

volleyball, totem polls and sunsets

I didn't get a chance to play poker for 16 days. Does this mean I need to get a laptop or was this a blessing? We had a great time, I caught 5 sharks, went scalloping and crabbing. I made some great shrimp and grits, pan seared grouper and mushrooms stuffed with crab but my wife only found one scallop after hours of looking. We went out to eat many times but who can afford to eat out every night.

on the Liquor side:
Each morning after coffee it was time for a Bloody Mary, I have a great recipe for Bloody Mary
1 shot Vodka
2 shots Clamato juice
2 olives
a splash of olive juice
hot sauce (chalula)
L& P ( that's whatsthisheresauce for those who don't know)
a touch of garlic salt
a touch of Lowry's all purpose seasoning
fresh black pepper
a slice of lime

A meal in itself

The Bloody Mary was created in 1921 by Pete Petiot, bartender a Harrys New York bar in Paris. The Bloody Mary came to the US in 1933 when Petiot joined the St. Regis Hotel as head barman of its King Cole Bar. Its said that the name "Bloody Mary" alluded to Mary Tudor, Queen of England and Ireland, for her bloody prosecution of Protestants.

Until another day