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Sunday, April 02, 2006

A new team member with TeamScottSmith

A new addition to Poker and Liquor.

A new addition to G-Vegas.

A new Donkey on the block.

I always wanted to join the blogging community and have now teamed up with TeamScottSmith. Some of you know me as a true poker Donkey. Some know me as Tiltstein, eightball, linebacker or just TeamScott's brother. I prefer to just be called Shep.

I am not a great composer of words like Otis or the strategy player like Badblood or the person with a large head of hair known as G-Rob nor do I have the luck of CJ but I love to play poker.
I went with all the bloggers to Vegas in December and met a few of them and had a great time.
I was playing at the lower limit tables most of the time that I wasn't a railbird wishing I had more cash. I had a great time meeting all the great blogger friends that I didn't meet at Bradoween last summer.

I hope to add a little Poker and Liquor essence to this blog and look forward to reading more of your blogs in the future

Soon I will post a little knowledge on the liquor side of this blog, just call it ALCOHOLICA ESOTERICA. Topics like: The largest cocktail party ever ( not Bradoween), God and the Bottle
or how about the DWI that roused a nation ( about Paul Revere's famous ride).
Keep in touch.

G-Vegas rules



At 10:13 PM GMT-5, Blogger TeamScottSmith said...

I'm a little concerned. Shep's first post, and he mentioned God. I hope we don't turn into "Bi-Clops" Or maybe that would be fun.

At 8:39 AM GMT-5, Blogger Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

SHEP!!! The greatest unknown member of the G-Vegas crew...Shep is the I don't have to visit UpForPoker to hear the latest story of Shep!!!

At 2:26 AM GMT-5, Blogger Easycure said...

I remember you. Now you're writing, huh? Good stuff!

At 9:15 AM GMT-5, Blogger Derek McG said...

it's about time! woohooo . . . go shep!!!!


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