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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

My First WSOP Satellite

Thanks to Iggy we all had a chance to make some history and congratulations to the winners from Monday's WSOP satellite, Lucko21 and myradiohead. It was a great to be able to play poker with such fine people, some I have met and some I will meet in the future and some I will never have a chance to know.
For those who don't know me online, I am zeppstr. I started out ok, early on(after 2nd hand) I was in 2nd place. The structure was so that you could last for awhile, 5000 chips to start 30 min blinds. I have never started with that many chips. I did fine for the first couple of hours, I won one hand with the Hammer. I think I actually stole the blinds.

I ended up in 49th, kind of sad but you must look at the competition. Last hand I was UTG with pocket 6s and hit my set on the flop K610 -?- 10. Thought I might try and slowplay with StB. The problem was I was behind the entire hand to his pocket K's (I put him on big slick) so my little boat 6"s over 10"s was dominated by his battleship K's over 10s. Did I say I suck at poker?

Brother TeamScottSmith did a lot better. In fact 33 better he represented G-Vegas best with a # 16 finish, other notables with G-Vegas connections: MrsAllin 80th (see her site) CJ 24th and brother Lefty 22nd.

All in all a fine long night of poker with fun by all. I know I sucked out on someone and if it was you, thanks for the chips.


At 3:59 PM GMT-5, Blogger TripJax said...

good times shep. glad to sling chips with ya...

and i think we all lose our money on that hand...hard to get away from that one...

At 9:29 AM GMT-5, Blogger Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

Boooo...they were getting your B game, Shep...bring the A-Game next time.

At 11:57 AM GMT-5, Anonymous Free Poker said...

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